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Happy Tuesday guys!

So this is not a beauty or make-up review, but just a simple look at what my sister and I are currently using on our lips. Our favorites so far are Sleek lip colours and Nouba Millebaci lip stains.


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Hey Loyal readers!

So great news today, IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! Yeah, you better be excited! These are some of the perks of having a blog, it’s easy to hype events like your birthday with ease and not feel bad about it. I am truly grateful to God for getting us this far and for all we have accomplished. It’s a scary thought growing up, (Read here), but if you think about it, it really isn’t that bad So let me savor these 24 hours, as my sister and I gain one more year in fabulosity.

Photography Externship 102 with Creative Connekt


There’s so much that happens behind the scenes when trying to freeze frame moments…here’s a little glimpse into the world of a photographer and the team that makes it happen. LIGHTS! CAMERA! FASHION! Also follow for a whole lot of interesting reads and cool photography moments!
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The Tweenz


MAKE UP Models Carol and Cathy freshening up before the shoot

Have you ever wondered how a commercial photo shoot is done? Well I had the privilege of taking part in one, on a certain sunny Sunday afternoon, call it the 15th of March 2015 at the Kiganjo Railway station. This shoot was very similar to what comes to mind when you mention the word photo shoot to anyone and to most of us who are Hollywood movies fans. The imagery of style, fashion and glamour just pops up in mind.

The team consisted of six; Photographers Jared and Ambani, Externship Coordinator Kairu, identical twins (Read models); Cathy and Carol and I.

Jared arrived early to check out the location of the shoot and identify suitable spots. The first step was setting up of camera and its accessories. As Jared leaned over to open his prized bag I took a closer…

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A new year means new things right? Well, not necessarily in fashion! Some trends that made a mark in 2014 could easily see their way into this year. So don’t go throwing out all your clothes out just yet, here’s a roundup of what trends 2015 will have in store and what it will be borrowing from last year.

The Bucket Hat-Another ’90s Trend

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Hey Friends, How you Doin’ (Wendy Williams Voice)
 So it looks like the ‘90s are still at it again with the latest accessory to crawl out of this era and straight into 2014 It-status being… drum roll please… BUCKET HATS. Yes, the floppy headgear made famous by hip-hop luminary LL Cool J is now hot property once again. It’s gaining popularity with this generation’s rappers, seen on the likes of Wiz Khalifa and School Boy Q (who rapped “Brought the gangsters back to bucket hat, how real is that?”), as well as Rick Ross, Earl Sweatshirt and A$AP Ferg .
 It is also making a wave within the street style culture. I am sure some of you are wondering how a hat that was reserved mainly for farmers, fishermen and pre-school kids became such a big fashion craze. Before you get all eye roll-y, just hear us out: