How to rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(3)

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Hello there!!

Its a fabulous new week isn’t it! Recently,we’ve been keeping you posted on our thoughts about the 90’s revival trend that is Ripped jeans and today we feature the last of this look. We have been receiving lots of positive feedback on the latest features for this trend and all the love is quite overwhelming and very much appreciated. This trend is mostly associated with the rock n roll era, with bands such as the Ramones making it quite popular. 

The Office Trendsetter!!

Fashion Rehab, Personal Style
Wassup fashion addicts!!!
Hope you are all having a fab-u-lous week! So on today’s post we are taking it to the office. You can never have enough of this subject since its the most tricky of all fashion subjects. I have done a similar post on the same check it out here!
Dressing for success is not a new concept. While some women may view it as a chore, others view it as a way of expressing themselves. There’s always a challenge on whats appropriate let alone practical for the office while still staying trendy. I have read some pieces on articles on fashionable women at the workplace. one was quite catchy. Apparently women who are fashionable are taken less seriously in the professional world, with some claiming that such women are seen as being too self absorbed( Well when it comes to dressing well, I doubt that that is a bad thing).

Jungle Fever

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Happy September Fash-addicts,

The sun was finally out…at least on this day! Nyeri’s weather has been as dodgy as the midnight sun you can imagine how great it felt to have a sun filled day. I was waxing lyrical about how pleased i was that I had carried my animal print maxi skirt home with me. Perfect outfit for this kind of weather. This outfit combination reminds me of the phrase ‘Jungle Fever’ because of the prints and camo combination.


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Hey Fashion Addicts!

How are y’all surviving this cold weather thats literally on drugs! If i had an option id probably remain indoors tucked in under my
comforter,but fashion comes first and I need to share my thoughts on it with you. Nothing is more casual chic than today’s look.Blazers and heels are a time-worn classic that simply won’t be going out of style soon.You may be looking for a casual yet chic outfit for your next lunch date,or impromptu party; well this look gives you the perfect fall back without you thinking too hard about what to wear.(This can be really hard at times)

Trying To Figure It Out

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Hola adictos a la moda!

After starting a blog a few days ago, we must say we have a new found appreciation for those who’ve been doing it for a minute because it is definitely not for the weak at heart. The level of commitment and patience reminds us of being in a relationship…lol. We are enjoying it tho we’ve been thinking we should have started it ages ago( thanks to all the people who kept pushing us to do it). We love fashion…we ain’t saying we are the best at it, but hellz yes we are the best at our own personal style because only we understand our style and know what we like and don’t like and that’s basically what this blog is about,