How to rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(3)

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Hello there!!

Its a fabulous new week isn’t it! Recently,we’ve been keeping you posted on our thoughts about the 90’s revival trend that is Ripped jeans and today we feature the last of this look. We have been receiving lots of positive feedback on the latest features for this trend and all the love is quite overwhelming and very much appreciated. This trend is mostly associated with the rock n roll era, with bands such as the Ramones making it quite popular. 

Take Two!(Sweat-Pants)

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Happy hump day people!!!

No… not in that way-I meant Happy Wednesday!!! Alright moving on swiftly, I’m hoping you are all staying chic. In keeping up with my promises (I’m a lady of my word), I had promised you that id put up a post on how to wear the sweat pant trend in another way other than the Tom Boy chic look  (see here) we had previously covered, and TA-DA here it is!

It’s Official!

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Hello Fashion Addicts!!!

Time to talk suits! Well its been a while since I saw people in tuxedos, well since the Titanic, but today I would like to show off this classic look and how ladies can dress it.

I think every lady should own a pant suit; well tailored, a good fit and invest in at least some classic pair of shoes: a heel that is comfortable enough to give an entire presentation in and a good pair of flats. A point to remember though, HEM YOUR PANTS! I totally hate seeing those pants that drag on the ground. it just looks sloppy, cavalier and quite unprofessional. When wearing heels, the hem of your pants should fall 1/2 inch from the ground in the back and for flats, the pants should cover most of the shoe in the back without actually touching the ground.

With today’s outfit, I have decided to tread the shark filled waters of office wardrobe.