Slip-On Sneakers

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It’s Friday my good people! Time for another flashback post #fbf. Can you believe how quickly the week has flown by?! It’s ridiculous!

So,I wore this look a while back and I was starting to feel guilty for not sharing. I’ve confessed before about my ridiculous obsession with utility jackets on previous posts(See Here) and now I’m letting you in on another one of my guilty pleasures, SKATES! Some people call them Vans but they really aren’t all from the Vans company right? I prefer calling them Skates or Slip-On sneakers.


Style Guide-Midi Skirts

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Hey Fashion lovers!!

How you doing?(Wendy Williams Voice). Hope the weather has been good to you! I seriously can’t complain over the sudden change of weather cause god knows I’ve been praying for that dry spell to end with all the crazy heat and the not so cool sunburns and not to mention the dust! Anyway, let me not go all mental over the weather, that is now old news….But, Hello baby making weather!! lol

Let’s talk fashion for a minute. Today we are all about midi skirts or what others may call mid length skirts, lets not burst each others bubbles over specifics. A popular trend loved by fashion houses such as Prada, Rodarte, Dior and Salvatore Ferragamo, just to mention a few, the midi skirt has to be the most classy and elegant must have piece of clothing any lady could have.