It’s Christmas Eve!!!

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Hello fashion lovers!!

Merry Christmas eve to you all. The season is back again and though it’s a bit cold on this sides of town not because it’s snowing, but the rain suddenly decided to pull a one on us and now I’m stuck indoors watching the T.V Christmas specials (which are mostly repeats of what they decided to show last year) ,but I’ve learnt not to expect much from Kenyan t.v as there is simply nothing much to watch.

With Christmas just some hours away, I couldn’t help but notice how the whole Christmas spirit has been fading away little by little with each passing year, which is quite sad if you think about it. either people have been overwhelmed by a season that seems to promise more than it can deliver or the usual Christmas traditions are becoming a bit too cliché for everyone and no one is quite eager to indulge in them, maybe its just in Kenya or maybe the lack of snow on a Christmas day in Kenya or Africa in general makes it less ‘Christmasy’!…my opinion and observations again might be wrong.