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Hello readers,
It’s crazy how time flies… We are finally in the month of May and there is still so much to achieve before the end of the year, so much to do yet so little time! Seriously a girl just wants to have funds…Sigh!
Let’s not dwell on things we can’t really change or control and get right into today’s look. Well you all know I’m big on short flirty skirts with a bit of an edge and the skater skirt takes the trophy when it comes to this. The shorter the better! In keeping up with the spirit of being bold and fun while staying away from boring and frumpy, I tried to keep my outfit live in color while still sticking to the basic hues.


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Hey Loyal readers!

So great news today, IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! Yeah, you better be excited! These are some of the perks of having a blog, it’s easy to hype events like your birthday with ease and not feel bad about it. I am truly grateful to God for getting us this far and for all we have accomplished. It’s a scary thought growing up, (Read here), but if you think about it, it really isn’t that bad So let me savor these 24 hours, as my sister and I gain one more year in fabulosity.

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

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Hey beautiful people!

We’ve been lurking through Instagram, Fashion blogs and Pinterest trying to come up with some inspiration for what to wear on the weekend for valentine’s. Not everyone has a date or is dating, we understand, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy and jilted or depressed. dress the part and who knows, you might meet someone nice this weekend.

We came up with a set of outfits that may inspire an outfit for you this weekend,

Back with a bang-Oldies Making a come back!

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What’s up my fellow fashion lovers!
Hope your staying fly! So before I go ahead and tell you what I am on about today, I think I just have to put this out there; It’s Official I HAVE VERY FASHION FORWARD FRIENDS! The Fashion committee and I had a meeting.I wont even brag or be modest about it. So if you are our friend you get a gold star! Back to business… You Know fashion trends are always changing right and now its become more of cyclic kinda makes you wish you hadn’t thrown out those old clothes you wore back then because some of this looks are back! The resurgence of cropped tops, overalls/dungarees, RayBans, High-waisted and tattered jeans,baroque prints e.t.c is quite huge. Lets just say the Hoarders win this one, why? see all that stuff they’ve been holding on to hoping that one day will come back in style seems like their dreams have finally come true,in some way at least. So today’s post is all about highlighting this major trends from the 80’s and 90’s or even earlier years that you might not know are #throwbacks but are really quite fashion forward.