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Hello Addicts!
Whats Trendy? Hope your weekend was exciting because I know mine was. Given an opportunity I’d go on and on about the detail of my awesome activities but I wouldn’t want to bore you with that! Moving on, I’ve had a bit of a guilt hit for not featuring my all so fashion forward friends on our blog(and lord knows we have many) but I have decided that its time! So on today’s post we are featuring our BFF Miss Pauline!*screams*

Addicted to colour!!

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Hey fashionistas!!

Hope y’all are easy as Sunday mornings! Today being a flashback Friday, I thought I’d go along with the theme and throw you all a little flashback! ]

I wore this look some time ago to school.Well my combo would be categorized as color blocking,but I choose not to call it that,since the trend kind of lost it when everyone tried to experiment with every hue,tone,intensity and temperature of color in 2012 and some still seem to be stuck in it too. Lol.  Anyway so dressing colored pants is not the easiest thing to do but knowing how to style them could totally make a bold fashion statement;

Trying To Figure It Out

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Hola adictos a la moda!

After starting a blog a few days ago, we must say we have a new found appreciation for those who’ve been doing it for a minute because it is definitely not for the weak at heart. The level of commitment and patience reminds us of being in a relationship…lol. We are enjoying it tho we’ve been thinking we should have started it ages ago( thanks to all the people who kept pushing us to do it). We love fashion…we ain’t saying we are the best at it, but hellz yes we are the best at our own personal style because only we understand our style and know what we like and don’t like and that’s basically what this blog is about,

Fashion Investment Pieces: The Pencil Skirt.

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Wassup Fashion Addicts!! 

Pencil skirts are definitely some of my favorite pieces in my closet. They are sexy and quite comfortable. The secret is all in the fabric;if you want the skirt to flatter you. It is perfect for all body shapes and sizes too (imagine that…)

Anyway, for this outfit, I paired a black ,detailed ,sleeveless, halter top with a blue floral pencil skirt and some gorgeous barely there heels(not for the weak at heart).