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Happy hump day loves!

It’s been a slow blogging stretch, but we are back with a little mix for the LBD(Little black dress). Seven ways to wear one dress! The same exact dress!! Can you imagine if you only had one dress in your closet to work with seven days a week. That is a dilemma no girl would ever want to deal with. But since we can’t all be Kim Kardashian with a gazillion black dresses to choose from, we have to make due and learn to create a new look with a dress over and over again. Necessity is the mother of invention after all right?

For this post, I went for a simple H&M T-shirt dress, although these looks could be pulled of  with any black dress. Let’s take a peek.


Take Two!(Sweat-Pants)

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Happy hump day people!!!

No… not in that way-I meant Happy Wednesday!!! Alright moving on swiftly, I’m hoping you are all staying chic. In keeping up with my promises (I’m a lady of my word), I had promised you that id put up a post on how to wear the sweat pant trend in another way other than the Tom Boy chic look  (see here) we had previously covered, and TA-DA here it is!