The Bodycon.

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Hey Addicts,
Hope you all had a fly weekend I know I did. Anyway today it’s all about bodycon/figure hugging  dresses as some would call them. Walking in town this days it’s hard not to notice a lady or five rocking this trend. Its become such a hit its almost criminal if you don’t own one. Our very own socialites seem to be owning the bodycon dress more but we kinda figure why! Anyway the dresses come in different lengths, designs,colors, prints the whole shebang!
Even with all this different takes on this dress, I am in love with the midi-length dresses. I think they are classy, elegant and when worn in the right way can definitely turn up your sexy. Forget Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back; this dress is already bringing it and then some.

We Taking It Back: #TB

Personal Style

Hey Guys,

Hope you guys have been enjoying your week so far!  We almost had our day ruined from the poor service we received at Java yesterday. But that’s a story for another day!

Back to today’s post which is all about a look i wore to school waaaay back! What’s not to love about leggings. They’re stylish, comfortable and slimming. They’re great at making a lazy outfit look sleek and stylish. There’s also something so retro fabulous about them. The right kind of leggings can make you feel super sexy and ultra cool.