How to Rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(1)

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Hey guys…

How’s Valentines week going for you!Well I hope its all unicorns and rainbows for all the love birds out there lol. Anyhu…however you plan to spend your valentine weekend stay trendy and chic.

Back to today’s post; we have all spotted this trend on our streets recently and its steadily on the rise with a myriad of styles emerging as time goes by. I have been caught up in this wave and the hardest part about it is not in styling my destroyed denim but explaining to my parents why I spend money on a pair of ‘worn out’ jeans (trust me its never easy),which they do not understand! This 90’s revival trend may ooze a bit of a rebellious feel to it, but if worn correctly it can be edgy, sophisticated and classy too which will definitely make you stand out. So here’s a cheat sheet on how to pull off the ripped denim look…

The Jumpsuit…

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Hey Sweet readers…

Happy Wednesday! Greetings from Nyeri County!…We’ve been home for a while now and the weather out here is vicious. At least we got a bit of sun out today but I can feel a flu sneaking up on me. I won’t let it rain on my parade. Yesterday’s featured Fashion Addict received alot of love and we are grateful for all the love. If you didn’t see it, check it out here.

Today, i want to talk about jumpsuits. They are the definition of simplicity and effectiveness. It’s easy to look edgy in the least time and with the least amount of effort when your wearing one.

Head over HEELS!

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Hello Everybody!!

So as all of you have noticed, I loooove heels. There is no denying it. All kinds just do it for me. Some may argue that its because of the height factor, which is kind of true but I actually think I look good in them and they have this way of highlighting some of my best features…my legs! I am not even bragging This legs have been complimented by many.LOL

Jokes aside, It is true that one pair of shoe can transform any boring and normal outfit into a Vogue-Chic Paparazzi worthy outfit. Like today’s outfit.

Tom Boy Chic-Part 2

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Wassup Fashion Addicts…
Hope your having a fabulous Friday.I know I am. Loving life each day. So today’s post is a Rihanna inspired look. Its all about rocking the sweat-pant trend. I had two options on styling them so I’ll need your help on deciding which look rocks your inner fashionista once I put up both looks.

Dressing sweatpants has become a very popular and clever trend. It is a trend that was initiated by Alexander Wang and has been embraced by people since then.