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Happy Friday Loves!

Allow me to wear my heart on sleeve today and let you in on a thought that’s been weighing on my mind . Maybe most of you can relate and maybe some of you it might not make any sense at all.
Growing up, everything in the future seemed like a clearly set out plan, finish school, get a job, have a great career, start a family, you know, be successful. It was pretty much cut and dry. Fast forward to now and I’m totally stumped over what my 20s will bring. Do you guys ever think about that? Like what you had planned out as compared to where you’re at now? It’s crazy how much a few years can change a lot make you completely different!

Dressing For The Cold Weather!!

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Splendid Wednesday Addicts!!

So the weather has been quite dodgy recently which makes it hard for anyone to figure out what to wear. You decide to rock your warmest clothes to keep away the slightest cold from coming into contact with your skin and once you are out of the house the sun decides to shine the brightest. This goes to show that nature also does have a sense of humor. Nicely played Mother Nature, nicely played.

Anyway so we have been meaning to post something for you adorable fashion addicts on looks that would help you go through this uncertain weather keeping you cozy and warm at the same time.

So today’s OOTD is actually a men’s inspired look. I combined a long sleeved red plaid blouse, a sleeveless grey hoodie jacket, Navy blue pencil denim pants and ankle length booties.