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“People will stare…Make it worth their while!”

Hello there! Lovely Thursday to you all. The first month of the year is finally bidding us adieu and well I don’t know if I should be excited, considering that I have so much to accomplish this year, I guess I’ll just have to keep up right? Anyway I decided to do a bit of venting today and discuss the fashion crimes that we are subjected to on a daily and in the wise words of Elsa Schiaparelli, “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous”…and we are living in difficult times but I’m not so sure she was referring to this though! Every day we come across some pretty extreme outfits everywhere we go from our very own fashion victims. Today we shine a light on five awful visual assaults that our eyes are subjected to that should help us all discover the critical areas that need to be polished to perfection. So here goes…

Sail Me Away…(Nautical Vibes)

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Hello Loves,

T.G.I.F! YASS!! The weekend is here…time to do crazy things we might not remember, but we still need to look good while doing them!! Right? I Digress…So, Let’s talk Nautical.
You know you don’t actually have to own a yacht to dress nautical… Thank goodness for that! But I wouldn’t mind owning one though, like a solid gold one, and there I am sipping champagne with diamonds for ice cubes as I stare at a pile of 70 million dollars while I wrack my brain trying to figure out how to spend all that extra cash…Oh, But If Only!!!

Date Ready- What to wear.

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Hey Friends!!
Hows the weekend been? Finally our strategic retreat is over YAY!!; feels nice to take a breather and take stock of a few things. But honestly speaking I had missed this streets. So part of the things that have been keeping me busy is dates! Yes people my life is this much fun. lol…One thing that makes dates feel like rocket science is always what to wear! No one wants to show up on a first date looking like you have been , through an industrial wind tunnel,seen better days or like you don’t know the Fashion Rehab exists…and worse you might walk in to find Derek Bbanga as your date. Just know you are going to make the subject of a few of his next lectures. Jokes aside…What you wear on a date actually matters a whole lot, more than any of us want to admit. True? or are we over thinking the whole thing?

The Checkered Peplum

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What’s up loves,

Hope y’all had a fab weekend. Mine was abit drab, almost got my head spinning from all the non-drama. That aside, let’s talk peplums. This trend has been around for a minute now and it is refusing to die. I’m not saying i don’t like it because, DUH!!! it’s obvi i’m wearing one in today’s post,

Addicted to colour!!

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Hey fashionistas!!

Hope y’all are easy as Sunday mornings! Today being a flashback Friday, I thought I’d go along with the theme and throw you all a little flashback! ]

I wore this look some time ago to school.Well my combo would be categorized as color blocking,but I choose not to call it that,since the trend kind of lost it when everyone tried to experiment with every hue,tone,intensity and temperature of color in 2012 and some still seem to be stuck in it too. Lol.  Anyway so dressing colored pants is not the easiest thing to do but knowing how to style them could totally make a bold fashion statement;