Men’s Fashion: Unspoken Suit Rules Every Man Should Know

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Hello Dearies!

Happy belated Mashujaa Day!  So it’s back to work and to class for most of you guys after a long weekend; hopefully you’re not hangover from the fun or NAH! Today’s post is dedicated to the Men out there and it’s all about suits. We’re adults and sometimes we’ve got to look the part. You can’t expect to look all dapper and gentlemanly without knowing Suiting 101.  I love seeing a man in a well tailored and fitted suit and honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of them. Society has been plagued with what i refer to as the ‘Pastor’s Suit’. No offense to the men of the word but have you seen the suits most of them wear?! It’s Preposterous!! A good suit doesn’t have to be expensive you guys, wearing the right fit makes it look expensive. Looking shabby is not a Fashion statement. For those times when sweats, t shirts and sneakers are not appropriate, you’ve got to suit up. But don’t you worry…I’m here to help! I’ve been doing A LOT of research on suits and I’ve come across rules that every guy should know and consider when wearing or buying a suit.  Here’s What Every Guy Should Know…

The White Dress Shirt-Men’s Fashion

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Hello Fashion lovers!!!
What’s good? A great weekend this has been for us on the fashion rehab and we are definitely upbeat about the new week and life in general;probably due to all the exciting and eye-opening things we have gotten to learn over the last two days. So today’s post is not supposed to bore you with details of our almost amazing life, so I will get right to it. Over the past weeks we have had some friends ask us “Tweenz, why don’t  you ever write anything about men’s fashion?” Ofcourse we have done a few posts,one or two,but hey, since y’ all asked we have no option but to oblige.
It is always a complicated affair when it comes to men and fashion. Most men would rather not be bothered with particulars on what colours work best well or how to pair different pieces together to avoid coming off as boring dressers. Simplicity for them is always the safest route. A little help wouldn’t hurt when it comes to the fashion department. I will take a chance and talk about the most basic and universal piece of clothing that I believe is a wardrobe essential for every man. THE WHITE DRESS SHIRT!

My Take: Men’s Fashion…

Men's Fashion

Hi fashion addicts,

Today we’ve decided to go all out and focus on men’s fashion. Truthfully, any excuse is a good enough excuse to talk about men…right ladies? But the real reason for doing this post is the numerous hints I’ve gotten from male friends about doing a post on men’s fashion. Who would have thought they’d be interested in style? So guys, this post is just for you and hopefully it helps. Ultimately there are no guidelines to what a guy should wear but ultimately attitude is everything. However,