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When I first saw this skirt, I had my need for instant gratification on over drive! I love leather, well, you can tell from the numerous blog posts with leather jackets and skater skirts, but this skirt just makes me happy! Thank god for the 80’s leather high waist everything! The fact that it checks all my boxes is an added bonus. The color, the length, the fabric! I’M SOLD! SHUT IT DOWN!

Just Getting Started

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Happy Friday Loves!

Allow me to wear my heart on sleeve today and let you in on a thought that’s been weighing on my mind . Maybe most of you can relate and maybe some of you it might not make any sense at all.
Growing up, everything in the future seemed like a clearly set out plan, finish school, get a job, have a great career, start a family, you know, be successful. It was pretty much cut and dry. Fast forward to now and I’m totally stumped over what my 20s will bring. Do you guys ever think about that? Like what you had planned out as compared to where you’re at now? It’s crazy how much a few years can change a lot make you completely different!


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 Happy New Week Loves!

How are you all doing?! Still prepping for Valentines day?…Love is in the air, for us girls at least. I’m not sure how men feel about valentine’s day tho’ or the month of February for that matter. Must be one of those dark days for them! And speaking of dark, Black seems to be my go to color these days. I find myself picking out something black to wear every time I’m dressing up it’s RIDICULOUS! But, I love black. It’s easy to wear, elegant, it’s always stylish and oh, let’s see, it makes you lose a couple of pounds in an instant! WIN! 

What About Brian’s Tweenz?- Things you didn’t know!

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Hello my fellow fashion lovers!
What’s good! Hope you’ve all recovered from all the activity this weekend; with rugby and all or every other kind of fun that had you ‘Turnt Up’!! I decided to do something different this time and indulge you in a possibly unoriginal yet hopefully interesting exercise by letting you in on our world. A chance to know the Tweenz, Brian’s Tweenz a bit better. I could say that we are pretty much private people but quite an open book when you ask anything about us,from us.
So behold, 10 things you may not know about Karol and Kathy ‘The Tweenz’:

The Bodycon.

Fashion Rehab, Personal Style
Hey Addicts,
Hope you all had a fly weekend I know I did. Anyway today it’s all about bodycon/figure hugging  dresses as some would call them. Walking in town this days it’s hard not to notice a lady or five rocking this trend. Its become such a hit its almost criminal if you don’t own one. Our very own socialites seem to be owning the bodycon dress more but we kinda figure why! Anyway the dresses come in different lengths, designs,colors, prints the whole shebang!
Even with all this different takes on this dress, I am in love with the midi-length dresses. I think they are classy, elegant and when worn in the right way can definitely turn up your sexy. Forget Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back; this dress is already bringing it and then some.