Our Daily Skin Care Products


Hey guys!

Today we want to share with you our daily facial skin care routine by showing you the products we use.  If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had issues as a result of having sensitive skin and have had occasional break outs that tend to kill your vibe ever so often. If there is one thing that’s become a major pet peeve to us is having people give you their “advice “ on why your skin is breaking out and offer remedies for your situation. It’s really hard to stay calm when people make break outs seem like a disease. Skin types vary with each and every person; even those of us who have sensitive skin. What may work for one person with sensitive skin, may not work for someone else going through the same situation.

Lips on Fleek


Happy Tuesday guys!

So this is not a beauty or make-up review, but just a simple look at what my sister and I are currently using on our lips. Our favorites so far are Sleek lip colours and Nouba Millebaci lip stains.