How to Rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(1)

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Hey guys…

How’s Valentines week going for you!Well I hope its all unicorns and rainbows for all the love birds out there lol. Anyhu…however you plan to spend your valentine weekend stay trendy and chic.

Back to today’s post; we have all spotted this trend on our streets recently and its steadily on the rise with a myriad of styles emerging as time goes by. I have been caught up in this wave and the hardest part about it is not in styling my destroyed denim but explaining to my parents why I spend money on a pair of ‘worn out’ jeans (trust me its never easy),which they do not understand! This 90’s revival trend may ooze a bit of a rebellious feel to it, but if worn correctly it can be edgy, sophisticated and classy too which will definitely make you stand out. So here’s a cheat sheet on how to pull off the ripped denim look…

Take Two!(Sweat-Pants)

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Happy hump day people!!!

No… not in that way-I meant Happy Wednesday!!! Alright moving on swiftly, I’m hoping you are all staying chic. In keeping up with my promises (I’m a lady of my word), I had promised you that id put up a post on how to wear the sweat pant trend in another way other than the Tom Boy chic look  (see here) we had previously covered, and TA-DA here it is!

Head over HEELS!

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Hello Everybody!!

So as all of you have noticed, I loooove heels. There is no denying it. All kinds just do it for me. Some may argue that its because of the height factor, which is kind of true but I actually think I look good in them and they have this way of highlighting some of my best features…my legs! I am not even bragging This legs have been complimented by many.LOL

Jokes aside, It is true that one pair of shoe can transform any boring and normal outfit into a Vogue-Chic Paparazzi worthy outfit. Like today’s outfit.