Date Ready- What to wear.

Fashion Rehab, Personal Style
Hey Friends!!
Hows the weekend been? Finally our strategic retreat is over YAY!!; feels nice to take a breather and take stock of a few things. But honestly speaking I had missed this streets. So part of the things that have been keeping me busy is dates! Yes people my life is this much fun. lol…One thing that makes dates feel like rocket science is always what to wear! No one wants to show up on a first date looking like you have been , through an industrial wind tunnel,seen better days or like you don’t know the Fashion Rehab exists…and worse you might walk in to find Derek Bbanga as your date. Just know you are going to make the subject of a few of his next lectures. Jokes aside…What you wear on a date actually matters a whole lot, more than any of us want to admit. True? or are we over thinking the whole thing?