How to Rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(2)

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Hey Fashion addicts!
The valentines weekend is over but as you can tell, some of us are still recuperating from the weekend’s shenanigans…remind me to take it slow next year! I mean it’s Wednesday already look at how time flies!

But on a good note I’m back with another ripped jeans look for you.I’ve started noticing I’m leaning more towards grungy looks(Check out another grunge look here). It’s not something I’m used to, but I’m getting the hang of it.


The ’90s Shirt Wrap Trend

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Wassup Everyone!
Grab your flannels, because grunge is back baby! Trends from the ’90s have been making their way across runways and street style from Crop tops, jelly shoes, high-waisted shorts, to beanies, and all that she-bang. And the latest? A button-down shirt tied around your waist. Think Chris Brown’s “Loyal” Video (Those dance moves give me life btw!).
Anyways, While flannel and plaid shirts are certainly at the forefront of the waist-tie comeback, other items like jackets (denim, leather, varsity), other types of button downs, and bulky sweatshirts are being used too.
The 90’s grunge trend typically involved wrapping plaid flannels around ripped jeans with either Doc. martens boots or a pair of converse trainers. But currently we’re seeing tied shirts paired with polished staples like heels, tailored shorts, or mini-dresses, lending sleeker outfits a singular casual touch.