Leather and Denim

Personal Style

When I first saw this skirt, I had my need for instant gratification on over drive! I love leather, well, you can tell from the numerous blog posts with leather jackets and skater skirts, but this skirt just makes me happy! Thank god for the 80’s leather high waist everything! The fact that it checks all my boxes is an added bonus. The color, the length, the fabric! I’M SOLD! SHUT IT DOWN!

A Red Leather Day

Personal Style

Hi, Fashionistas!

Beauty to me is feeling comfortable in your own skin, that, or wearing a kick ass red outfit. And this leather skirt, i die. So major. First of all wearing leather always makes me feel so dang cool!! Then, the splash of color makes such a statement. I wore this outfit to town a few days ago and i just couldn’t resist taking pictures using my friends black car as a back drop (Thanks Dennis…lol). I chose to wear a neutral colors just to make the red skirt stand out. I paired it with a black sheer top, black wedges( which are super comfy btw) and a black tote bag, a gift from my brother.

This skirt is  actually a favorite of mine and it’s crazy because red is not my color or rather i never seem to look good in red but