Ripped Jeans- PolyVore Edition

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Hey guys!The weekend is almost here and we have a fun way you can keep busy on the internet. POLYVORE! Here’s a look we featured a while back on the blog (SEE HERE). We love Polyvore and we think it’s a really nice way to put outfits together and create looks for fun and even for your own personal looks. We will be posting more polyvore sets from previous looks and for other fun looks that we put together (See Here and Here)

Slip-On Sneakers

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It’s Friday my good people! Time for another flashback post #fbf. Can you believe how quickly the week has flown by?! It’s ridiculous!

So,I wore this look a while back and I was starting to feel guilty for not sharing. I’ve confessed before about my ridiculous obsession with utility jackets on previous posts(See Here) and now I’m letting you in on another one of my guilty pleasures, SKATES! Some people call them Vans but they really aren’t all from the Vans company right? I prefer calling them Skates or Slip-On sneakers.

How to Rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(2)

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Hey Fashion addicts!
The valentines weekend is over but as you can tell, some of us are still recuperating from the weekend’s shenanigans…remind me to take it slow next year! I mean it’s Wednesday already look at how time flies!

But on a good note I’m back with another ripped jeans look for you.I’ve started noticing I’m leaning more towards grungy looks(Check out another grunge look here). It’s not something I’m used to, but I’m getting the hang of it.

How to Rock the Ripped Jeans Trend(1)

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Hey guys…

How’s Valentines week going for you!Well I hope its all unicorns and rainbows for all the love birds out there lol. Anyhu…however you plan to spend your valentine weekend stay trendy and chic.

Back to today’s post; we have all spotted this trend on our streets recently and its steadily on the rise with a myriad of styles emerging as time goes by. I have been caught up in this wave and the hardest part about it is not in styling my destroyed denim but explaining to my parents why I spend money on a pair of ‘worn out’ jeans (trust me its never easy),which they do not understand! This 90’s revival trend may ooze a bit of a rebellious feel to it, but if worn correctly it can be edgy, sophisticated and classy too which will definitely make you stand out. So here’s a cheat sheet on how to pull off the ripped denim look…