Street Fashion Festival (Part 2)- What I Wore

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So after realizing I had no plans for the weekend(that’s never an inspiring journey), my head was starting to spin from all the non drama! Till I went through my calendar and realized that the street fashion festival was happening the following day and so was the cake festival!! It’s obvious my plan was to attend both events but I decided to try out the street fashion fest because it’s new on the scene. Most of you must be mortified by my decision to fore-go cake…I was too! It was a toughie! Anyway, back to my outfit pick, I decided to do a simple monochromatic look

The Street Fashion Festival 2014



Hey Fashion Lovers,

This weekend we attended the Street Fashion Festival that was held at the Arboretum Park. It was an event targeting all fash-holics giving them a chance to showcase their personal street style. All we can say is, they brought it TRIED rather…while some brought their A-Game, others left us confused.