Sail Me Away…(Nautical Vibes)

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Hello Loves,

T.G.I.F! YASS!! The weekend is here…time to do crazy things we might not remember, but we still need to look good while doing them!! Right? I Digress…So, Let’s talk Nautical.
You know you don’t actually have to own a yacht to dress nautical… Thank goodness for that! But I wouldn’t mind owning one though, like a solid gold one, and there I am sipping champagne with diamonds for ice cubes as I stare at a pile of 70 million dollars while I wrack my brain trying to figure out how to spend all that extra cash…Oh, But If Only!!!

Fashion Killa!

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Buongiorno my fellow Addicts!
 Ive been racking my brain for a minute here trying to come up with a catchy title for this particular post.(Writers block i guess…)I thought Asap rocky put it best and why not give him credit by just doing the right thing. If only i owned half of the things he raps about let alone pronounce all those designer names without a stutter. So if this doesn’t get you then I don’t know what will.
Its one of the biggest favourite for many ladies when it comes to weekend attire, church outfits and basically anything that spells ‘chill’ and ladylike. Maxi dresses are definitely one of the must haves for every lady out there.

The Art of Mixing Prints

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Hey Addicts!!

I am sure some of you are surprised by my choice of article today, the murky waters of print! Your  probably going like, Mixing prints? Are you crazy? but calm down people, this trend isn’t faux pax anymore,it is actually on now and lives on. My reason for this post is because i have seen the struggle (the struggle is real, lol).Mixing prints looks easy but it seems guys aren’t quite getting it.