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Happy humpday Readers!!!

I’ve been getting acquainted to the sweatshirt’s older, classier and more versatile cousin… THE SWEATER! Gone are the days when sweaters were only worn indoors, where no one important would see you wearing it, or when it got cold outside while you were playing and your mother had to make you wear something warm. Now it is actually stylish to wear a sweater outside without looking dorky, unless that’s the look you were going for initially.

Just Getting Started

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Happy Friday Loves!

Allow me to wear my heart on sleeve today and let you in on a thought that’s been weighing on my mind . Maybe most of you can relate and maybe some of you it might not make any sense at all.
Growing up, everything in the future seemed like a clearly set out plan, finish school, get a job, have a great career, start a family, you know, be successful. It was pretty much cut and dry. Fast forward to now and I’m totally stumped over what my 20s will bring. Do you guys ever think about that? Like what you had planned out as compared to where you’re at now? It’s crazy how much a few years can change a lot make you completely different!

Burgundy Is The NEW Black

Personal Style

How are you doing Loves?!
Happy New Week! March is finally coming to an end and my sister and I are excited to start our birthday month so you can all start sending in your gifts from the 1st day of April. And as the month comes to a close what better way to end it than with wine colored hues. Perhaps you’ve heard a little about Ox-blood or burgundy? It’s a color that’s taken up the streets and racks by storm! I love me some wine and I think it’s only natural to incorporate it in my wardrobe right? To be honest, I have been obsessed with this color for so long from clothes to Lipstick to Nail polish…