Ripped Jeans- PolyVore Edition

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Hey guys!The weekend is almost here and we have a fun way you can keep busy on the internet. POLYVORE! Here’s a look we featured a while back on the blog (SEE HERE). We love Polyvore and we think it’s a really nice way to put outfits together and create looks for fun and even for your own personal looks. We will be posting more polyvore sets from previous looks and for other fun looks that we put together (See Here and Here)

Outfit Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

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Hey beautiful people!

We’ve been lurking through Instagram, Fashion blogs and Pinterest trying to come up with some inspiration for what to wear on the weekend for valentine’s. Not everyone has a date or is dating, we understand, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy and jilted or depressed. dress the part and who knows, you might meet someone nice this weekend.

We came up with a set of outfits that may inspire an outfit for you this weekend,

The Checkered Peplum

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What’s up loves,

Hope y’all had a fab weekend. Mine was abit drab, almost got my head spinning from all the non-drama. That aside, let’s talk peplums. This trend has been around for a minute now and it is refusing to die. I’m not saying i don’t like it because, DUH!!! it’s obvi i’m wearing one in today’s post,

A Red Leather Day

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Hi, Fashionistas!

Beauty to me is feeling comfortable in your own skin, that, or wearing a kick ass red outfit. And this leather skirt, i die. So major. First of all wearing leather always makes me feel so dang cool!! Then, the splash of color makes such a statement. I wore this outfit to town a few days ago and i just couldn’t resist taking pictures using my friends black car as a back drop (Thanks Dennis…lol). I chose to wear a neutral colors just to make the red skirt stand out. I paired it with a black sheer top, black wedges( which are super comfy btw) and a black tote bag, a gift from my brother.

This skirt is  actually a favorite of mine and it’s crazy because red is not my color or rather i never seem to look good in red but