All White Everything

Personal Style

Hey guys,

The sun’s out…Finally! YAY to that, and an even bigger YAY to my brave choice of clothing! I’m telling you, hot sunny days predispose braver decisions. All i’m thinking about now is pool parties and a reason to wear white almost always. It’s one of those colours that make you look clean, polished and well put together but why does it have to get dirty so fast! I know, Right? But being ms. Brightside, White looks good all year round and nothing says sunny days like a fresh all white look.

In this set, i’m wearing a white cut-out blouse with a pair of white skinny jeans.

Trying To Figure It Out

Personal Style

Hola adictos a la moda!

After starting a blog a few days ago, we must say we have a new found appreciation for those who’ve been doing it for a minute because it is definitely not for the weak at heart. The level of commitment and patience reminds us of being in a relationship…lol. We are enjoying it tho we’ve been thinking we should have started it ages ago( thanks to all the people who kept pushing us to do it). We love fashion…we ain’t saying we are the best at it, but hellz yes we are the best at our own personal style because only we understand our style and know what we like and don’t like and that’s basically what this blog is about,